PC, Server and Laptop repair services in NY – all a part of our portfolio!

Are you sick and tired of all the junk files, viruses, pop-ups and ads that keep on appearing?

Do you need a reinstallation of your current operating system or maybe a new installation of Windows, Mac or Linux in NY?

And did you know that without experienced technical oversight, your server can develop hidden hardware and software problems turning into a very costly disaster?

If yes is your answer to (any of) these questions, you most certainly need a top-quality pc, laptop and server repair. Reinventing your desktop or service experience, at My Tech Solution – we are committed to become your most reliable IT partner in NY.

Our expert and friendly computer service in New York ranges from home computer users to large business clients – each one of them expecting the highest standard of friendly customer care. With vast experience and modern expertise in PC or laptop repair as well as server repair services in New York – we make sure to fix issues at a glance!

Our New York based server service comes with a free consultation and a non-intrusive free server analysis. If you suffer from server problems, issues or maybe monitoring alerts with conditions that must be checked, feel free to contact us – and endeavor our expertise in server side repair and evaluation.

The reality is, computers rarely stop working overnight. Servers tend to create troubles, and without expert knowledge, you will most likely end up with your computer having problems and issues.

At My Tech Solution, we offer a complete line of computer, laptop and server repair in NY, with a same day service and free consultation on any issue!

For us, IT is a destination instead of a journey. With an expert IT computer service in New York, we aim on you sharing the same experience with us and building a long-term commitment with us being your most reliable IT partner.