Who We Are

We’re your partners. We’re your friends. We’re the ones that will be there for you when disaster strikes and you get the blue screen of death or your entire office is down.  Most IT Services aren’t designed for small business needs. They’re trying to hook the big fish, but know that small businesses need services to grow and prosper.

We develop strong long-lasting partnerships that grow with your needs. We offer an experienced staff with full-service support no matter if you’re a company of one or 1,000. Our services scale with you.

We’re budget friendly and believe in transparency. Our fixed monthly cost lets you plan out your budget and makes sure updates are done when needed, malware and viruses get scrubbed and computer problems, large or small, are fixed in a timely and efficient manner.

We know that computer problems don’t just happen from 9-5, so our 24-hour support line will always be there for you. You’ll not find computer services like this anywhere else geared to small businesses.


What We Do

Small Business IT Services Designed For You


We offer a full suite of services for small businesses from database management to phone VOIP and so much more. No job is too big or too small and we know how difficult it is to manage a business and keep up with your regular software updates and other menial tasks you don’t have time for.

You don’t have a room full of servers or a hundred employees downloading viruses on your computers. You have a handful of employees and the IT issues common to small businesses. You’re worried about updates messing with your operating systems and troubleshooting the one server you’ve got in a closet in the back.

Time is money and the more time you deal with your own IT problems, the less time you’ve got to grow your business. Don’t spend another second worrying about your IT and call us today.

Why Us?

Why Use My Tech Solutions?


You may not have a massive IT infrastructure, but what you do have is important to your business. You need someone that understands your needs, budget, and desire to grow. We specialize in the needs of small businesses and the unique problems and issues they face every day. We’re budget-friendly and can help you both remotely and in-person. You’re not going to get that kind of service from a big IT firm. We grow with you and scale our services to fit your needs.

Personal and respectful services are our trademark. If there’s a problem, have no fear calling us because we’ll treat the problem seriously even if it’s a quick fix. You can take comfort knowing you’ve got a team of experienced IT professionals behind you just like the big businesses.

What Our Clients Say

You don’t have to take our word that My Tech Solutions is the leading small business provider of IT services.

Just listen to what some of our clients have to say and make your own decision.