Virtual Machines & Failover System

Are you aware of the privileges introduced by the Virtual Failover systems?

Guaranteeing you a 99,95% availability for your hardware, networks and data, your hosted systems can have an enhanced availability – ensuring that they have two machines in each fire zone. Leveraging the power or load balancing, virtual failover systems create a stable cloud solution that protects your data consistently.

For systems directly connected to the Internet, the virtual failover systems tend to adjust the IP adresses – saving your data and whole documentation. With the recent virtualization technologues, My Tech Solution tends to give you the best benefit of the digital world – protecting your system with the Virtual Failover technology!

Giving you the maximum uptime possible, your system can be connected and protected properly with the leading virtual failover innovation system set up for full potential recovery!

The main idea behind the failover system is to increase the reliability and availability of your data and software by providing redundant implementations of software programs. In that way, if any issue appears, your software will switch over to a redundant or standby IT – protecting your system effectively.

Perfect for mission-critical programs, the failover systems act great against the single point of failure introduced in multiple applications – saving and protecting your system effectively.

At My Tech Solution, we excel in establishing and configuring virtual failover systems in New York. With the expertise and the knowledge of our team, we again make IT happen – while securing and protecting your network system.