Data and Network Security

Is your network secure from unauthorized access both internally and externally? Are you aware that data breaches are costly?

Preventing and recovering you from data breaches while protecting your network in New York is another side of our expertise. Whether your concerns are to prevent or recover from a data breach in New York, our service includes specific actions which help in saving your data.

At My Tech Solution, we ensure you that your network is properly protected and your data and VoIP systems are locked to outsiders.

Additionally, our expertise includes spam filters and virus protection in New York. Being a common presence in today’s Internet environment, these issues cost businesses around $1,6 trillion lobally – as said in Price Waterhouse Cooper’s recent survey.

Preventing against these threats with a stable data and network security system in New York is our expertise. Filtering spam before it reaches your inbox, taking care of the viruses and establishing a secure network system(s) are our top priorities.

You can contact us today and find out how our team at My Tech Solution can assist you in evaluating and hardening your network security.